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To us wine is passion, culture, research, health and drinkability. Our selection of labels is modern, dedicated to wine lovers. Our menu will surprise you. In the search of the wines we have chosen for you we have wished to focus on the wine itself, as a companion of your tables and daily life.

Here are some key points that have guided us in the composition of this list.

Autochthonous Varietals

The wines you find in the list were selected giving importance to the birthplace of the grape itself, hence preferring the autochthonous varieties. We did so because we believe in protecting and enhancing this great heritage, the only true fortune that sets us apart in the world of globalization. We believe that to give their best wine needs its terroir of origin. You will not find a Cabernet Sauvignon from Tuscany and a Sicilian Chardonnay, but Cabernet Sauvignon from Bordeaux and Etna Sicilian whites.

Locanda Del Feudo Winery

Naturalness – No sulfites added

We have favoured wines produced without chemical synthesis, in respect of the land and that embrace the principles of biodynamic agriculture. These wines as well as being “natural” are healthy because they contain very low (or almost non-existent) percentages of sulfur dioxide. With these types of wine headaches and stomach acid are a thing of the past!

Naturalness - No sulfites added

No half bottles

In our wine list you will not find half bottles, for two reasons. The first is that the size of these mini-bottles is not suitable to preserve the wine properly. The volume of wine is exposed to too much oxygen and thus runs the risk of early oxidation; the best size for storing wine is the magnum of which we have a list that you can find in the first pages of our menu.

In the event that a canonical bottle does not correspond to the desired amount of wine, or if you prefer to pair your meal every time with a different type of wine you can avail yourself of our list of wine served by the glass, or our closing and packaging service for takeaway wine (already included in the cost).

No half bottles

Bring the wine home – Closing and packanging service

You may ask the sommelier that the bottle you have selected at the table be closed, placed in our packaging and drunk at home.

Bring the wine home

Bring your own wine

Do you have any labels that you are particularly fond of? Are the bottles very large or is the vintage impossible to find? Have you always wanted to drink them with friends? With “Bring your own wine” you can sample and share your treasures with friends and family. We will prepare an appropriate menu that pairs well with your bottle, all we ask in return is a taste! Service must be booked.

Bring your own wine

Cellar of the Feudo

You may purchase individual bottles of wine included in our list. The price for wine bottles to take away is discounted by 30% compared to the price that you see in the list and is shown in the “for sale” column.

Cellar of the Feudo

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